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  Bolt Chain of Custody Scheme  

Bolt Building Supplies recognises that it has a responsibility to it's customers, suppliers and staff to source it's timber based products from well managed forests.

We have therefore been running our Chain of Custody scheme for well over 10 years. This scheme is audited and regularly reviewed independently by BM Trada on behalf of FSC and PEFC. It ensures that material is sourced from suppliers offering their own chain of custody, so that it can be traced right back to the forest it was supplied from, and the mill who machined the material. Below are a few questions and answers as well as copies of our certificates.

FAQ on Chain of Custody

Q: What is Chain of Custody (COC)?
A: Chain of Custody is a set of procedures that allow us to trace material through the company - from when it is received from a supplier to when it is delivered to our customers. We are part of a chain that includes suppliers, importers, timber mills etc. all of whom have their own schemes to trace material through their systems. This means that timber materials can be traced back to the well managed forests where they originated.

Q: How is the scheme run in Bolt Building Supplies?
A: We have a set of procedures that we follow that ensures traceability throughout our system. This includes marking the timber packs with unique numbers, recording these packs into a database and marking our paperwork with the relevant documentation.

Q: Which material suppliers are used?
A: We have an extensive list of suppliers - all of whom have PEFC and/or FSC certification. When we request certified material on our orders, they follow their own scheme to ensure traceability. We keep a copy of each suppliers Certification and make sure they are kept up to date (as part of our own scheme).

Q: Can anyone order COC material from Bolt?
A: Yes - although you must specify that this is required when ordering, as we cannot trace material that has not gone through our scheme. There may be additional costs involved with requesting Chain of Custody material - please check with out timber sales department before ordering.

Q: What products are covered by the Bolt COC scheme?
A: Prepared and sawn softwood, MDF mouldings, door linings, ply and roof trusses (separate certification). Some products may only be covered by one scheme (PEFC or FSC) - we will make you aware of the standard that the items are covered under.

Bolt Building Supplies - FSC & PEFC

Our Chain of Custody Certification Numbers are:
(Roof Truss Material):
(Carcassing, Prepared Timber, MDF Mouldings):
FSC: TT-COC-002243


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All of our COC Certification



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